Summer is officially here and the heat index across the country is starting to soar. From the plains of Tulsa, Oklahoma to the beaches of Jersey Shore temperatures have already reached triple digits and summer has just begun! So, as you sit on your back porch sipping iced tea and contemplating the sweat dripping down your back, you may find yourself wondering how to stay cool as your thermostat continues to rise. Fortunately for you, Fanimation has an entire product line of energy efficient, style savvy and affordable ceiling fans that will help you achieve your summer goal to stop sweating and start saving.

In order to help you find the perfect Fanimation fan for your home, we have compiled the following ceiling fan tips to keep in mind while you shop:

• For maximum air flow your ceiling fan blades should be suspended between 7 feet 6 inches and 9 feet above the floor and at least 8 and ½ inches from the ceiling
• The size of the room will determine the appropriate blade sweep and number of fans that should be hung. Typically, a 52” blade sweep is appropriate for an average sized kitchen or bedroom. Smaller rooms should use a 42” fan and great rooms (300 to 400 square feet) can accommodate a 60-72” fan or multiple smaller diameter fans
• Ceiling fan airflow efficiency is measured in Cubic Feet Per Minute Per Watt (“CFM/W”), the higher the CFM/W the more efficient the fan. A high efficiency ceiling fan should rate from 50-120 CFM/W
• The electricity use of ceiling fans is measured in Watts. For reduced energy consumption, look for a ceiling fan that uses the least Watts to operate
• DC motor fans generate more power/torque than traditional AC motor fans while consuming 70% less electricity
• Damp location rated ceiling fans can be installed indoors or outdoors in covered patios or verandahs and wet location rated ceiling fans can be installed indoors or outdoors in exposed areas such as a gazebo or open porches