Nowadays, almost everything is “smart.” Smart TV, smart watches, smart cars, smart home, smart keys, the list goes on and on. One more thing is about to be added to that list – smart fans. With the release of the newest version of fanSync by Fanimation, not only will your life get a little bit easier, but your ceiling fan is about to become smarter than ever before. You might be familiar with this application, as the original application was released into the market over a year ago. fanSync has recently been upgraded to include new features and make your fans as smart as they can be.

fanSync is the premiere technology of its kind. fanSync is a mobile application that communicates with proprietary fanSync hardware to give the user control over various features of his or her ceiling fan using an Apple or Android device. Thanks to Bluetooth technology, different components of the fan can be controlled by a mobile device, including the speed and direction of the fan and the uplight and downlight if applicable. Users may set their fans on a timer or enable the home away feature which sets lights to turn on at a certain interval to simulate someone being at home.

fanSync is easily navigated by any user and anyone with a smart device and a compatible fan can use it. Home office, living room, bedroom, dining room, it doesn’t matter. Each of your fans can be controlled on one or more devices, making it easy for everyone in the family to reach their maximum comfort level at home. fanSync allows multiple fans to be saved on multiple devices and allows the user to program favorite settings for each fan.

fanSync is hardware currently compatible with the majority of AC fans. Moving forward, Fanimation aims to integrate fanSync technology into new products, with both AC and DC motors. fanSync is not brand specific, meaning it can be used to control fans that are not Fanimation made. With the new release of fanSync and its expanded compatibility, it is easier than ever to bring smart technology into the home.

This type of technology and innovation is nothing new to Fanimation. Since its founding in 1984, Fanimation has been known for staying on the cutting edge of technology and design. By combining beautiful artistry and innovative technology, Fanimation continues to create art that is also functional. It is no surprise that Fanimation is yet again acting as a pioneer, this time at the forefront of integrating smart technology into everyday life.

fanSync is available on the App Store and Google Play. To learn more about this application and what it can do for you, visit