In honor of National Ceiling Fan Day, coming up on Thursday, September 18th, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten reasons you need a new ceiling fan.

10.) Your light kit is the only thing that’s spinning.

9.) Your fan hasn’t been dusted in twenty years and the blades can barely hold up all the dirt.

8.) Not all brass is making a comeback. If it was around during the Truman Administration, it’s time for an update. 7.)

7.) It’s your cat’s favorite toy.

6.) It’s your dog’s favorite toy.

5.) If the blades droop any further, they’ll be touching the floor.

4.) It’s starting to look like the stuff nightmares are made of and you’re afraid to go to sleep at night.

3.) You painted your walls neon orange and green so that no one would notice your ceiling fan.

2.) Your fan stopped working five years ago and now it functions as your clothes hanger.

1.) And, the Number 1 reason you need a new ceiling fan? Because it’s a crime scene.