Fanimation and Just Fans have partnered together from the time Just Fans opened its doors. Both companies have had father-son operations and value the bond that comes from running a family business together. While Just Fans has seen many changes in its 26 years, one thing hasn’t changed: its focus on fans and happy customers!

Meet Just Fans


Owner: Tim Battishill

Location: Sarasota, FL

How Just Fans Got Started: Tim started in the fan industry at age 19, working for another Sarasota-based company. Two years later, he decided he wanted to venture out on his own. His father and grandfather liked his business plan and loaned him the money to launch Just Fans. That was in 1991. A year later, Tim’s father, Michael, joined the business, and the father-and-son duo worked together until Michael retired last year.

Top-selling Fanimation Fans: Spitfire, Xeno, Levon, Cancun and Benito

Favorite Fanimation Fan: Xeno – “It does a nice job of moving lots of air, while providing all the features consumers appreciate.”

What You Like About Fanimation: “From a technical side, Fanimation is always very accessible. They are available to answer any questions we have. Plus, we know when we get a new Fanimation product, it’s been tested and kinks have been worked out before it is in customers’ hands. Because Fanimation is a family-run business like us, I think there’s a high level of quality control over the final product.”

What We Should Know about Just Fans: “For us, as a family business, this store is like our second home. We want our customers to feel the same way when they are here and to leave happy. We also intentionally chose to specialize just in fans so we’re very familiar with all the intricacies of fan development, installation and service and can cater to our customer’s fan needs.”