Have you ever used technology that only makes your experience more cumbersome? Often times, when technology is added without a purpose—or the user—in mind, the benefit of the technology is outpaced by complexity. That’s why, at Fanimation, we believe advanced technology is only relevant when it provides seamless convenience and total control.

 And that’s exactly what Fanimation’s fanSync delivers.

 fanSync allows you to pair your phone to your ceiling fan, using Bluetooth technology so that you can control fan speed and lighting.

 This innovative app and fanSync transceiver puts the power of your ceiling fan at your fingertips and gives you the freedom to turn your ceiling fan on or off, adjust  the speed and manage the lights. That’s control. All with the swipe of a finger. That’s convenience.

 Download fanSync for free on most Apple and Android smart devices. It works with just about any three-speed fan because it is not brand specific. (And it’s standard on several Fanimation fans, including Spitfire, Subtle and Stellar, among others!) Even more, fanSync can also be augmented with a companion remote control and wall plate. From an installation standpoint, it’s easy—simply purchase and install a Bluetooth receiver in your ceiling fan and pair it with the fanSync app. You can program multiple smartphones to operate one fan, or one smartphone to operate multiple fans. There is no limitation—giving you even more control and convenience!

Bluetooth was the natural technology choice for our fan customers because it requires low power and provides wireless connectivity to a wide range of electronics and products. It’s known for its lack of interference with other wireless platforms, namely Wi-Fi and Z-wave. And, as most of us with hand-free devices know, pairing of Bluetooth devices is simple. As long as the devices are within 30 feet, they have the capability of acknowledging each other and having quick connections. Lastly, Bluetooth is affordable.

At Fanimation, we’re driven by design—whether it’s the look of our fans or how they function. And fanSync is one of those innovative design features that allows our customers to have seamless convenience and total control—on top of quality, timeless beauty and ambiance.