How Bad Company

So I haven’t written a blog update for a while. I have so many projects going on, here and there. I’m trying to finish up assignments at the firehouse, while trying to finish up two important projects up at Fanimation, all the while trying to stay true to the assignments at the tattoo shop. While, no one asks too much of me, and while I love all my jobs, I think I might need a vacation. By the time 7 pm hits, I feel like death.  I’m tired all the time, and so I planned a little vacation.

I hang out with a group of friends, whom I’ve dubbed, “The Bad Company” and as many of you know, the Indy 500 Race Weekend is coming up. “The Bad Company” will be making an appearance.

We’ll be the ones with some sort of funny shirt, (or no shirt at all) on. We’ll have buttons on that say “How Bad?” and “Bad Co.” on them. We’ll be wearing bandanas and coonskin caps. And we’ll all be sporting Aviator Sun Glasses. You can find us near the Pagoda on Carb Day and near turn three on race day. It’s an Indiana State Holiday, and we’ll be the ones celebrating the most.

Now you might think wow these are just a bunch of drunks, and I’m not sorry to say you’d be mistaken. While we might be partaking in some adult beverages, we will be mostly just having fun, without getting obnoxiously drunk.

After the race weekend, two members of “Bad Co.” will be setting their sights south to Florida. I will be joining them and their quest for pure relaxation. While I’m down there I will be meeting up with my dad, the man himself, Kim Frank. We will also be visiting another member of Bad Co.’s father. Hopefully a few Bad Company members of the 70’s and 80’s can show this new generation of Bad Co. a good time. Either way, it’ll be nice to be out of sight, out of mind from Indiana, but hey we all need a break every once in a while.

I’m sure I’ll have plenty to write about when I get back from my vacation, and I definitely will have two projects from Fanimation to write about.

Ohh and please keep the “How Bad Company” in your thoughts and if you will be down at the track on this quickly approaching holiday, come meet up with us. You can’t miss us.