Fanimation has become a well-known brand, thanks, in large part, to our network of dealers who support and promote our family of fans. They are truly Fanimation’s greatest ambassadors! Because these relationships are so important, we seek out dealer partners who believe in the importance of artfully crafted, thoughtfully designed products, just like we do.

Some of our dealer relationships are as old as Fanimation itself! Many have been with us since the beginning—and we’re grateful for them. Read on to learn a little more about one of those special dealers: Fan Diego!

  • Owners: Jeanie and John Betancourt
  • Location: San Diego (as you probably guessed!)
  • Number of Locations: 4
  • How Fan Diego Got Started: “I walked in the store in 1987 and walked out with a part-time job. Three years later, my husband and I bought two of the stores. Eventually, we bought the third store from the previous owner, and in 1999, we opened a fourth store. We consider our website our fifth ‘location,’ giving our customers one more place where they can find us,” says Jeanie.
  • Top-selling Fanimation Fans: Spitfire, Odyn and Xeno
  • Favorite Fanimation Fan: Enigma
  • What You Like About Fanimation: “Fanimation fans are designed to be unique. Fanimation is very easy to do business with and, with a West Coast facility, we get product within 1-2 days, which is a huge benefit,” says Jeanie. “Plus, if there is ever an issue, Fanimation is quick to rectify it. Everyone is great to work with, which just seems to be part of Fanimation’s culture.”

What We Should Know about Fan Diego: “We do fans and do them really well,” says Jeanie. “As a fan boutique, we know our products and believe in providing both design and quality. And we’re committed to customer service and making your experience with Fan Diego the best—whether you’re in one of our showrooms or online.”