Many of you remember our “There are fans and there is Fanimation” campaign from a couple of years ago.  Well, this weekend—thanks to a post on reddit—the jaw dropping Torto caught fire on social media.   The clip from our commercial was viewed over 1.3 million times!  We also had tens of thousands of unique visitors to our website as a result.

The power of the internet is amazing; check out the thread here:

Folks from all over the world confirmed what we’ve known for a long time—this fans design is one of a kind.  It’s almost hypnotizing—don’t look at it for too long!

This couldn’t have come at a better time, since our new Torto LED with fanSync™ was released just last month.

The new Torto LED features:

  • Beautiful brushed nickel finish,
  • 18-watt LED light, and
  • fanSync BTT9R hand-held reversing remote control to accompany the fanSync™ Bluetooth® enabled receiver.  This is the first fan release to include fanSync™!