It’s Music Monday!!! I love music…all kinds and sorts. Right now I’m listening to “This Life” by Curtis Stigers & The Forest Rangers which is a very important song to me and listen to it almost every morning…just to remind myself of a few things. It’s also the theme song from Sons of Anachy. As I’m sitting here listening to it I realize that this song is what I call an every day, every situation song. It’s starts out by saying Ridin through this world, all alone, God takes your soul, you’re on your own. The Crow flies straight, a perfect line, on the Devil’s Path, until you die. That part means to me, and means other things to other people, but to me it means that no matter what you do in this life, no matter what you are doing right now, YOU are doing it. No one else is and you can’t let anyone take that from you. Whether it’s selling a fan to a customer, giving someone a tattoo or pulling someone out of a burning building…whatever you are doing you are the most important person. You get to choose what to do. You are in control.

Then the chorus hits…it gets me pumped every time! This life is short, Baby that’s a fact, Better live it right, You ain’t comin’ back. It says it all right there. Life is short, whatever you’re doing just make sure its what you want to do…cause theres no point in spending a short life of doing something you don’t want to do…

Gotta raise some hell, Before they take you down, Gotta live this life…Gotta look this world, in the eye, Gotta live this life, till you die. I love this part because to me it means doing something different than everyone else and when they question it…stand up for it. Don’t second guess yourself and just go for it.

You better have soul, nothing else, because when its business time, it’s life or death. The king is dead, But life goes on. Don’t lose your head when a deal goes down. Have your heart and soul in whatever you are doing. For me, it’s sometimes hard to transition from firefighting to painting, to the tattoo world. But I do it none the less and you can too. Take the heart you put into your family or hobbies and put that into your career or your passion and it will flourish. I like the part about the king being dead and not losing your head when a deal goes down…We’re all taught by someone to do some kind of trade, and when that person isn’t around anymore you have to do that job on your own and you can’t lose it, just because your teacher isn’t around.

Better keep your eye, on the road ahead, Gotta live this life! To me it means keep your eye on the prize, something my mother was constantly pounding in my head as I was growing up. Keep your eye on the prize no matter the obstacles in your way, and Just live this life the way it was supposed to be lived…one moment at a time.

Gotta look this world, in the eye, Gotta live this life, till you die. Just reiterating to stand up for yourself, Do the best you can at what you love…you are the most important person in every one of your situations!

What are your favorite songs? What gets you going everyday? Comment back!!! Love you guys! – Video for song

Have a great week…and look for Red/Blue Enigma part 3 on Thursday!!!


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