One of the new and interesting activities that I’ve recently participated in since becoming a newlywed is the weekend phenomenon commonly referred to as, “House Hunting”. After diligently researching hundreds of properties on Zillow, my husband and I reduced the scope of our hunt to a 30 mile radius including suburban sprawl and urban adventure. As we carefully mapped out our route for the day, we discussed the features that our prospective new home must have. The conversation went something like this, me, “large kitchen open to the living room so that we can easily entertain our family and friends,” my husband, “I agree,” me, “decently sized backyard for our future puppy to run around in,” my husband, “I agree,” me, “lots of windows and natural light and a master bathroom with at least two sinks,” my husband, “I agree.” Okay, you get the picture. Great minds think alike or great mind is quickly learning when it’s easier to just agree with his wife?

With our google map in hand and the vision of our future home in place, my husband and I set out to join the intrepid band of house hunters. Our first stop was a suburban home with lots of square footage and a fenced in back yard almost big enough to entertain my extended family. This is no small feat considering the fact that my Dad has seven brothers and sisters and I’m pretty sure my cousins populate at least 1/3 of Indiana. After spending some time in the backyard imagining a little puppy joyously tearing it up while my aunts, uncles and cousins roam around with plates of barbequed meat, we decided to check out the rest of this expansive abode. Once inside, I began to notice some things that just didn’t sit well with me. Namely the BRASS ceiling fan that looked like it was installed in the mid 1970’s and forgotten about over the course of the next two decades! Aside from the fact that I work for Fanimation and understand that a unique ceiling fan has the power to transform the visual aesthetic of any room, I was slightly distressed that no one informed this home seller that brass has not been popular since the Ford administration. Almost immediately after spotting the ceiling fan, I urged my husband out the front door and on to our next location.

The next stop was a much smaller three bedroom home closer to the city. Despite the reduced square footage, my husband and I instantly felt a stronger connection to the home and the location. This home was in a walk-able neighborhood close to some of our favorite restaurants and friends. Not only did we love the location, but we also loved the interior. From the brand new stove top to the stone tiled and natural wood floors, this place exemplified a masterful combination of cozy and classy. When I looked up at the ceilings, I was pleased to see a stylish hugger ceiling fan in the master bedroom. Although it would need to be replaced with Fanimation if we ever moved in, it was clear these homeowners understood that a brass ceiling fan from 1975 just would not do. I felt compelled to write this blog and share our house hunting experience in the hope that it will enlighten home sellers everywhere. Trust me when I say that a minor investment in your ceiling fan selection could make a major difference in your home selling success!