Sometimes, even when working a job we love, we don’t always get to do what we want. Sometimes, I have to paint things that aren’t fun to paint. It’s not challenging or it’s just not exciting. Right now I have to match paint for a customer. That’s the most challenging thing about the whole order, matching a satin nickel. But who am I kidding, it’s still fun, just not as much as the other stuff. Anyway, that brings me to a point, we all have to do stuff for  our jobs, that may not be what we want to do, or may not be as much fun as something else, but it’s still important to a job, it’s still important to the success of a company.

Can you imagine if I said, ohh I don’t feel like going to a car fire, I’d rather go to a big house fire? Or maybe, if a customer comes in to the tattoo shop and says, “I want a heart,” and I say, “No I’d rather tattoo an eagle.” None of that would fly, but putting out a car fire or tattooing a heart would be great practice for the next big thing, right? The same goes for matching a paint and painting something Satin Nickle. No, it’s not a red/blue or a white pearl, but it is still good practice for those things to come.

Just remember you may not always get to do what you want, but it’s all great practice for the next big thing that you want to do.

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