If we lose our car, we can press the panic button to alert us to where it’s located. If we lose our cell phone, someone can call it for us so we can track it down. But, if we lose our ceiling fan remote, any hope of finding it quickly is lost. That is, until now. With Fanimation’s fanSync, losing your ceiling fan remote is a thing of the past.

Install your fanSync, download the app on your smart phone, and voilà! Finding your ceiling fan remote will no longer be an issue. Never again will you have to pull your hair out in frustration or break a sweat trying to remember where your ceiling fan remote is. Take a stand against the pesky ceiling fan remote, and relax knowing that you’ll never have to rely on it again!

In light of this life changing product, we took the liberty of listing the top 10 places people have found their lost ceiling fan remotes.

  1. The dog’s stomach
  2. The trash can
  3. A lunchbox
  4. Kid’s toy box
  5. The car
  6. The washing machine
  7. The refrigerator
  8. The garage
  9. In between the couch cushions
  10. Underneath the couch

So, rejoice in never having to look through the trash to find it. Celebrate not having to check your dog’s business to see if it passed. Look forward to the fact that there will be one less fight with your beloved over who was the last one to have the remote. Stop losing your hair and rest peacefully knowing that as long as you have a fanSync, your ceiling fan remote will always be at the control of your fingertips.

By Marjorie Simonetti

Digital Content Writer – DelMarFans.com