Hello? Oh, it’s you.  Let me get your number and call you back from a secured line.  Okay, much better.  I need to be very careful about what I say on traceable lines due to my night job. I figured that would be your next question. I know this is going to sound crazy, but I’m actually a Super Hero. With a name like Odyn, I was never really cut out to be average. My parents first discovered my super power when I was just a little baby. At first they noticed that light bulbs would flicker and dim when I was carried into a room and then they started noticing an instant change in room temperature as soon as I was set down. 

Over the years, we began to understand that my super power was making rooms more energy efficient.  As soon as we identified how my super power worked, I knew my purpose in life was to fight the energy monsters that terrorize families with high energy bills and threaten the world with depleted energy sources. I’m only revealing this to you because I think it’s time that people know who I really am.  I’m also getting pretty sick of screeching security systems and barking Dobermans every time I fly through the window to save the day! In addition to flying around in a cape saving the world, I consider these my most distinguishing attributes:

  • Available in brushed nickel assembly with opal frosted glass and black blades
  • Also available in oil-rubbed bronze assembly with opal frosted glass and walnut blades
  • 84″ blade sweep
  • 6 forward and 6 reverse speeds
  • TR39 handheld remote control included
  • Matching cap included for use without light 
  • One 14-watt LED included