It’s barely June and across the country we’ve already seen some pretty scorching temperatures. Whether you’re down in Florida or here in the Midwest, it’s clear that it is going to be one hot summer. Cold showers, ice cream, and tank tops aren’t the only ways to beat the heat though. So, don’t turn on your air conditioning just yet, we’ve got some tips that will keep you and your family cool.

Ceiling fans and standing fans are a great resource when it comes to staying cool in this weather, but how exactly can you use them in order to take advantage of all they have to offer?

First, make sure your ceiling fans are turning in the right direction. It may not seem like a big deal, but unless that fan is turning counter clockwise, it’s going to have the opposite effect and your house will actually feel warmer. Trust me, you won’t need any extra help heating your house this summer.

By using ceiling fans throughout the home, you can set your air conditioning to stay a few degrees warmer without actually feeling a change in temperature. This should leave you a little extra money in your pocket or maybe you can put it towards that family vacation you’ve always wanted to take.

Depending on just how extravagant that vacation you’re planning is, you may need to save even more money on your energy bill. Well it’s as simple as this. Turn off your fan when you leave the room. There’s no point in creating a breeze when there’s no one there to feel it. Would you play music in an empty room? No, you’d turn it off. Do the same with your fans.

Lastly, it’s important to keep heat out in the first place. That means, if your air conditioning is on, close your doors and windows. If your air conditioning isn’t on, feel free to keep those windows open, the breeze from outside will have a similar effect as the ceiling fan and will make your house feel cooler than it is. If it’s a sunny summer day, like many are, keep any curtains or blinds you have shut to keep the sun out. The more sunlight you let in, the faster your house will heat up and the harder your fans and air conditioning will have to work to keep you and the kids cool.

Remember, summer should be fun and relaxing. Don’t spend your summer stressing about your energy bill or standing by an open freezer just to keep cool. Let us know how you and your family plan to stay cool this summer, or try these out and tell us how they work for you.