• Gill Schauer, Owner
  • Mark Miller, Owner
  • Kevin Calkin, Sales Manager

Location: Huntington Beach, CA

How Trading Post Fan Company Got Started: Trading Post Fan Company may have one of the more unusual beginnings—it actually began as a vitamin store. After meeting Burton A. Burton, the founder and owner of Casablanca Fan Company, the owners of Trading Post Fan Company became enthralled with its fans and began using it as part of the store’s decor. “We had fans on the ceiling and vitamins on the floor,” shares Kevin Calkin, Sales Manager. Customers took notice and by the mid-to late 1980s, Trading Post Fan Company was more focused on fans than vitamins.

Top-selling Fanimation Fan: Xeno

Favorite Fanimation Fan: Xeno—“I like it for its clean lines and minimalist look,” Calkin says. “The fanSync smartphone control is also nice. It’s a lot of fan at a good price.”

What You Like About Fanimation: Calkin says Trading Post Fan Company values the customer service Fanimation provides. “Fanimation has always been a good company to deal with,” he says. “We feel confident offering our customers their fans because they are good quality and have unique designs.”

What We Should Know Trading Post Fan Company: Trading Post Fan Company, which has been in business for 38 years, has the largest fan display in the region—more than 200 fans for customers to see! At Trading Post Fan Company, customers don’t just buy a fan, they can design a fan, too. Their Customizable Design Center offers unique colors, blades and styles to choose from—along with various remote and wall control features.