• Patrick Haire – Co-Owner
• Joe Watt – Co-Owner

Location: Mesa, Arizona

How EAST VALLEY FANS + BLINDS Got Started: Not only are Haire and Watt business partners, but they’re neighbors as well. The pair had long talked about going into business together. Watt, who worked as an installer for many years, began having Haire help him on jobs as his normal 9-to-5 job allowed. It was a great indoctrination into the industry. After a few years, they were both ready to stop talking about going into business together and actually do it!

EAST VALLEY FANS + BLINDS was born in 2016—growing faster than both owners anticipated. “The company has grown way beyond our expectations,” Haire shares. “We felt we had a good business model and quality products and service, but even we were a little surprised by the response from the market.”

Today—just 18 months later—EAST VALLEY FANS + BLINDS has the largest showroom in Arizona, and Fanimation has been with them since the beginning. Watt was very familiar with Fanimation from his years as an installer. “I held Fanimation in high regard because of the product quality,” he says. “I knew when we opened, we wanted our product line to include Fanimation fans. Today, we have 15 in our showroom.”

Top-selling Fanimation Fan: Xeno, Levon and Aire Deluxe

Favorite Fanimation Fan: Both owners have a Xeno on their back patios. Additionally, Haire has an Odyn and a Levon Custom in other spaces of his home.

What You Like About Fanimation: “Fanimation was very committed to helping us open,” Haire says. “They had our backs from the beginning. That support—along with their unparalleled immediate responsiveness to our needs—makes Fanimation a good partner for EAST VALLEY FANS + BLINDS.” Even more, Watt says, he appreciates how much Fanimation leadership listens and responds to dealers. “The new custom sizes for the Odyn are a great example of Fanimation’s response to customers,” he says. “We had several requests for the Odyn in different sizes—now we can do that.”

What We Should Know about EAST VALLEY FANS + BLINDS: In addition to offering the largest showroom in Arizona, they have a deal that’s hard to beat—free installation and a warranty on all fans for the first year of service. On top of that, customer service is a top priority!