• Jasmin Souza, Owner/Office Manager
  • Jeff Carmody, Owner/Sales Manager

Location: La Quinta, California

How Fans Plus Blinds Got Started: While Fans Plus Blinds has been around since 1985, Jasmin and Jeff have only been at the helm since 2017. The duo were looking for something new and the opportunity to buy and manage Fans Plus Blinds seemed like the perfect fit for their combined skills and background. Jasmin worked as an interior designer, and Jeff in sales. Today they’re thriving, leading Fans Plus Blinds. Jasmin, who loves a challenge, enjoys solving customer problems like how to cover a window or better cool an area. Jeff is often out in the field, providing estimates and  meeting customers. Together, they are making people’s homes beautiful!

Top-selling Fanimation Fan: Odyn

Favorite Fanimation Fan:

  • Jasmin: “Levon—with its simple, clean lines, boxy form and large exposed bolts. Plus, with the ability to choose custom colors, you can design it to perfectly fit your style and space.”
  • Jeff: Spitfire and the Odyn – Jeff says he loves that they can be customized, and that the Odyn is available in so many sizes.

What You Like About Fanimation: “I knew about Fanimation from my previous role as an interior designer, but I’ve really gotten to know them in-depth now,” Jasmin says. “With my design background and Fanimation’s beautiful styles, I really felt like the product line deserved more ceiling display space.” When Jasmin and Jeff took over Fans Plus Blinds, Fanimation fans were the lowest selling fan brand. Today, it’s the number one seller in the store! In addition to the popular fan designs, Jasmin credits the renewed interest in Fanimation fans to the strong relationship they have with Fanimation. “Whenever we call Fanimation—anyone at Fanimation—they respond quickly and make it easy to get things accomplished,” she says.

What We Should Know about Fans Plus Blinds: “Fans + Blinds is a small business that operates like a family, and we treat our customers the same way,” Jasmin explains. That’s why Jeff spends a lot of time in the field, helping customers meet their goals for window coverings and complementary ceiling fans. “Customers rely on Jeff because he has a great eye for color and excellent attention to detail. They leave feeling likes he’s putting as much thought into their decision as he would for himself.”