1. Ceiling fans are useless in the winter

You may think turning on your fan in the winter is ridiculous. And you might be right. Turning your fan on the same as you would in the summer would be ridiculous. However, many fans have reverse functions, meaning they can turn both clockwise and counterclockwise. When you’re looking for a cooling effect, your fan should be set to turn in the counterclockwise direction. In the winter, setting your fan to turn clockwise will allow for more air circulation and will keep heat from rising completely, making your rooms feel warmer and allowing you to turn down that thermostat.

2. Ceiling fans are used to cool rooms
This is a very common myth when it comes to ceiling fans. Unlike air conditioners, fans are not used to cool rooms, but rather to cool people. Ceiling fans produce an effect similar to that of wind chill. For those who are unfamiliar with the concept, wind chill is the perceived decrease in air temperature due to wind or air flow. We all know that if it’s 65 degrees and breezy outside, it’s going to feel a little cooler. Similarly, feeling a breeze makes a room seem cooler, when actually the temperature sees no change.

3. Ceiling fans can cut off an appendage
Tall people everywhere can breathe a sigh of relief after reading this one. The blades of a ceiling fan, in fact, will not sever any of your precious appendages. Whether it’s your son’s arm because he just won’t quit jumping on the bed or your own arm when you stretch just a little too high after getting off the recliner, don’t worry. But don’t take my word for it, watch this video from the MythBusters themselves.

4. Ceiling fans are a modern invention
It’s true, some of the fans made today have a very modern design and some look like they’re straight out of the future, the Zonix and the Embrace are perfect examples of that. However, the ceiling fan itself is not a modern invention by any means. The electric ceiling fan came into existence in the late 1800s in the United States and quickly gained popularity worldwide. Since then, we haven’t been able to get rid of them, and it seems they’re here to stay.

5. Ceiling fans have to be ugly
Maybe I’m biased, but it’s clear that nowadays ceiling fans are more than just functional, they’re also stylish. Don’t you just cringe when you go to your mother-in-law’s and you see that old ceiling fan with the brass accents? Very ‘90s. Well good news, your fan doesn’t have to be ugly anymore. Fanimation has a fan for every aesthetic. Maybe you want a tropical vibe in your house, or maybe you just want something simple. Whatever you choose, it’s sure to look great for years to come.